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6 years ago

SoapUI 5.4.0: Test Script reading in SQL DB value not storing in Project level variable correctly

I have a test script which includes a Groovy script to read a SQL DB value  (~1875 chars) into a project level custom variable. 


If I run the Test script, the script runs and all logging shows everything worked correctly.  Going to the project level the custom variable is still blank.  


If I run the groovy script contained in the test script by itself, again all logging shows everything worked BUT when checking the project custom variable, the (~1875 chars) value is now present.


I cannot figure out why running the complete test script does not store the value as it says it is doing by the logs.


If we go one more step here.

I run the test script that reads in the SQL DB and stores it

along with a test script that will read in this project custom value for it Requests use,

this works as well, BUT the project level the custom variable is still blank. 


So I know SoapUI is reading it in for use ... just wish I knew the magic step to get it to actually write it to

the project level the custom variable.


Using Setup / TearDown area with same groovy code to retrieve SQL DB value to store does not work if running

the test script by itself.


Anyone seen this before or a solution to try ?






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