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8 years ago

SoapUI 5.2.1 Running Setup Script, then Teardown Script, then running the test

I'm trying to test a REST API, and I'm running into some unusual behavior. 


The test setup script will run, then immediately after the teardown script will run, and then SoapUI will run the test itself. It is not an all the time problem, I've been able to validate that about 1 in 10 tests will run the setup script, run the test, and then run the teardown.


I do not have the tests running in parallel.


Has anyone else experienced this or have any insight into the what the issue might be?

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    Can you please provide more information about your tests? 


    • Do the setUp and tearDown scripts belong to the same test case?
    • What kind of test steps do you have within the test case?
    • Is there any flow control for execution of the test steps?
    • Do you launch any scripts within the test steps? What do they contain?


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      The setup/teardown do belong to the same test  case.

      The test case has a http status code assertion, an xpath match to what the expected information should be returned for a single xml field.

      If there is flow control, I am not aware of it. We've never used flow control to my knowledge. 

      No additional scripts are being run inside of the test case.