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4 years ago

SoapUI + C# + wsdl file question

Someone in the Microsoft Dynamics community had a question I wondered if anyone here knew the answer to:


I'm trying to implement a web service that communicates with TIBCO (Middleware). I've created the C# classes starting from a WSDL File and i added a service reference in my project. The problem is that when i call a wsdl method in C# it seems that the request to send to Tibco ( that is a soap request) is malformed. In fact, if i try to make that request using soapUI all works properly, instead i make the request from C# ( wsdl classes) seems that the generated methods doesn't build properly the request to send.


Someone could suggest me the right approach to form a soap request with C# starting from a wsdl file?


If anyone knows the answer or a good recommendation, feel free to answer their question directly, or if you'd prefer to answer it here, I don't mind responding in that community to let them know we're over here discussing their best option(s). Thanks!

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