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4 years ago

soapenv header empty/Signature creation failed



I keep getting error messages like "Signature creation failed (Cannot setup signature data structure)" caused by "General security error (WSEncryptBody/WSSignEnvelope: Element to encrypt/sign not found:, Timestamp". 

My keystore status is OK, created the corresponding "Outgoing WS-Security Configurations" and added Signature and Timestamp. Under signature i have selected Binary Security Token and also added two "parts", Timestamp (namespace = and Body(namespace = Se picture. 

In addition I have added a Basic Auth (pre-emptive auth: Authentication pre-emptivley) and used my selected configuration to "Outgoing WSS".


It seems like it has something to do with my header??

I have read several guides, but nothing seem to work. I hope someone could help, Ill appreciate every advice.


Thank you!!




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