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8 years ago

Soap UI load test results question

I am running a test of a rest api in SoapUI 5.2.1 with the following settings:

Threads: 2000

Strategy: Simple

Test delay: 0

Random: 0.0

Limit: 100 (Runs per Thread)


I am having trouble interpreting the results. They are as follows:

TestStepName | min = 413 | max = 19074 | avg = 7,342.41 | last = 7412 | cnt = 151523 | tps = 270.64 | (remaining fields all 0)


I understand the each value is in milliseconds from the online documentation, but what i dont understand is what the average and tps (transactions per second) represent. My thoughts are that tps represents the total number of rest calls completed per second. but if the avg equals the average call time, then this appears to be a 7 second api call which doesnt correlate with the tps number. Does the avg value accumulate the total time for all 2000 threads to complete a single test step call? If thats the case, then can i assume the average api call time to be 7342.41ms / 2000 threads = 3.67ms per request?


Thank you in advance for your help.

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