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5 years ago

SOAP Mock Response as test step

I have a test suit project, I would like to add a step to the test.
Among the possibilities is the "SOAP Mock Response" option. Can I use it to listen for the request from the previous test step? It looks like on the screen.

I tried to do it but this step does not pass but constantly listens. I wonder if this is my error in the configuration of this step or not how this functionality works.

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    That test step is used when the system-under-test needs to respond to a request asynchronously.


    So it's not for use in handling requests generated by the other test steps. You can create a MockService to do that.

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      I wrote it imprecisely. The exact situation looks like this:
      Step 1 of Soap Test Request triggers a mechanism that shoots SOAP Mock Response, which is the next step of testing. Both must have assertions.

      It can be done this way, or do they have to be completely separate test suite?