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5 years ago

simple way of echoing request field from a request to the response in a REST XML mock



I am new to SoapUi and I need to setup a REST XML mock in which some fields from the request must be echoed in the response.

I tried with doing the following

// create XmlHolder for request content
def holder = new mockRequest.requestContent )
// get arguments
def arg1 = holder["//startTime"]

Then in the xml response body I added :


but what is sent is the exact string "${arg1}" not the content that was supposed to be put in arg1


How to proceed ?

Thank you for helping




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    Did you try adding the arg1 value to PROPERTY step and then parameterizing to the response?


    Like this:-

    def arg1 = holder["//startTime"]
    //Create arg1 in PROPERTY step and assign the value of arg1 there.
    //After that in response xml:-