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10 years ago

Send a REST request with a Certificate

Hi All,

In my REST project, I would like to create a request that require a kind of certificate to be sent to the service so that it works. I have created my request also added the keystores, truststores and Outgoing WS-Security Configuration.

Within Outgoing WS-Security Configuration, I have added a certificate with "Key Identifier Type" as "X509 Certificate". But within "Authorization" I have only the following Type:
OAuth 2.0

Could you please help me to know how I can add correctly the certificates to my requests?

Thank you

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  • We are facing the same issue: Client certificates are not sent for REST requests even though the key store has been configured and works with SOAP requests.


    Can we expect a fix for this issue soon?


    Kind regards

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      Hi all,

      Still no answer on about this subject :smileyfrustrated:
      In the REST services, there is no Outgoing WSS choice in Auth (BASIC) tab



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    Hi All,


    Still no answer. I am facing the same issue