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6 years ago

script assertion

i need to validate many assertions in same script assertion. But when any one of assert fails, runner stops there itself and control passed to next step. Below is my case


assert (1 ==1) "1"
assert (1 == 2) "2"
assert (1 ==3) "3"


When i execute the above, 2nd assertion fails and third assertion did not executed at all. Is there is any way to validate all assertions.

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    You could surround each assertion with a try catch.  I would wrap an assertion/try catch in simple function to minimise code duplication and aid clarity.  The following example will exercise all the test assertions, report the result, continue through all the verification and still fail the test overall.  This is known as a fail-safe test vs your fail-fast test, both have their place, it is a horses for courses thing.


    passed = true
    verify(1 == 1)
    verify(1 != 1)
    verify(2 == 2)
    verify(2 != 2)
    assert passed
    def verify(def condition) {
    	try {
    		assert condition
    	} catch (AssertionError assertion) { assertion
    		passed = false