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7 years ago

Screen rendering on Windows 10 is very bad?

Recently got a new workstation Windows 10 with 5 monitors from my Windows 7 with 4 Monitors.


The screen rendering is very bad.  I tried to do a save project to a different folder and I cannot see the controls or much of anything. See attached.


I am having other W10 issues. See my other post.


I can't really use SoapUI on W10 as it is now.

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    Here's what I'd try:


    - restart your PC

    - turn on or off the option "Use native Look & Feel" (under Preferences > UI Settings) and restart SoapUI

    - run SoapUI in compatibility mode

    - disable scaling (in Windows' Display Settings, set "Change the size of text, apps, and other items" to 100%)

    - try with one monitor only

    - use another Java environment besides the bundled one (you might have to google how to do that).


    These changes could help identify the problem - once the problem is known there may be a less drastic / more targeted way to fix your problem.


    (I use Windows 10, but I don't happen to run SoapUI on my Windows 10 device.)

  • Set the application to run in Compatabiltiy Mode for Windows 7. You can do this on the shortcut from the desktop. Make the change on whatever icon/link/shortcut you launch the application from.