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4 years ago

Save pdf file from Oracle Database with jdbc step

Hi everybody,


is there any possibilty to save/download a pdf file, stored in a Oracle Database with a jdbc step?


Thanks in advance

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    Hey Stefan1 ,


    After you connect to DB using jdbc step and if you run query to retrieve the pdf file, how the pdf file is pulling response(as attachment or some other way?)?



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      Hey Stefan1,

      I'm curious about this.

      I know Oracle altered its DB architecture from purely relational to object oriented/relational about version 9 so i think oracle extended the blob datatype that supported storing of bitmaps, images, files, etc., but soapui returns its query results in xml format.

      Are you talking about reading the content of the data or just retrieving something that is returned if you query the blob column that contains the .pdf?


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        Hi richie,


        thanks for the advice.

        It's correct what you say. The data is stored as BLOB in the Database.


        Additionally a little button in the database editor allows me to download that data as pdf file, and that is what I would like to receive in SoapUI.