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8 years ago

rest response accept application/json could be changed to in the ui back in older versions of soapui

I would like to change the response type between application/json and application/xml. back in the days of older soapui versions this was still possible since about 3 version this feature has disappeard.


Content-type can still be changed but the response-type cannot be changed.


Is this still possible and how?


This feature was especially useful when testing REST services which






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    You can change the response message view to XML or JSON.



    Response Message Views

    The response editor contains several views for visualizing different types of responses;
    •XML: shows the current response in XML format. SoapUI will attempt to convert HTML responses to XML so they can be used in property transfers and scripts just like any other response messages in your functional tests.

    •JSON: shows a nicely-formatted rendering of the returned JSON response (if applicable):

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      this is not what I need. I need to be able to manipulate the response content type. In older editor you could define what kind of response type you wanted to have.


      Issueing an REST request with json payload hence content type application/json and receive ACCEPT content-type application/xml