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10 years ago

REST interface percent (%) not encoded when defined in a template parameter

When the URL is defined as http:// host::port/root_context/service/{param}


With parameter defined as follow:

  •    name : param
  •    value : REST_%_TestOfPercentEncoding
  •    Style: TEMPLATE
  •    Level : RESOURCE


Systematically the following error is returned whatever the encoding is activated or disabled


         Thu Jun 04 16:32:14 CEST 2015:ERROR:An error occurred [URLDecoder: Incomplete trailing escape (%) pattern], see error log for details


while normally URL should be encoded as follow http:// host::port/root_context/service/REST_%25_TestOfPercentEncoding



==> I do not understand what to do to make the URL works correctly in case of TEMPLATE.


Note that, it works correctly for the other cases:

* When I  redo the test with

        Style: QUERY

   the URL is correctly encoded as

       http:// host::port/root_context/service?param=REST_%25_TestOfPercentEncoding


* When I  redo the test with

       value : REST_ _TestOfSpaceEncoding

       Style: TEMPLATE

   the URL is correctly encoded as

       http:// host::port/root_context/service/REST_%20_TestOfSpaceEncoding



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  • I've also experienced this exact same problem. Thanks for describing it so well.

    I've found some other strange behavior relating to this template parameter encoding.


    For example, if i use the following,


    value : REST_£_TestOfPoundSignEncoding


    My application receiving the request that is decoding has decoded the pound sign into '�' - which doesn't look right!


    I also tried disabling the encoding of this parameter. (by selecting it in the REST resource). Then using the value of  '%' in my template field, and this crashed soapUI. I could not re-open that test step until I went back into the resource to re-enable the encoding again.