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11 years ago

Rest : Send multipart form data request in different parts

Hello Everyone,

I want to send a POST request for a rest service of the type form data. The request should be sent in mutliple parts, each part corresponding to a property. The sample payload for the request is as


Whenever I send this payload, all the properties are sent in a single part. I want each property to be sent in a different part.

Please find the attached screen shot containing the format in which I want the request to be sent.

Please help me with this.

Thanks in advance.

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    I managed to send the request in multiparts by sending it in the form of a rest reequest.

    Please find the screenshot. But I want to change/remove the header "Content-Transfer-Encoding" for the attachment. Is there a way to do this ?

    Please help me with this.
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      How did you send the request in multiparts?  Can you explain how you accomplished that in SOAPUI?

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      bhavyasravani - It will be a great help if you can explain us how you able to send the request data in multipart form data.


      Thank in advance.