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4 years ago

Resonse body showing empty array

Hi When i send a POST Request with some valid request i am getting Http statu code 200 but getting only empty array[] instated of response payload

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    Hey poornaiah,

    Has anyone got the same behaviour id they try on a different soapui instance?

    Could you confirm that the http response code is 200, rather than 201, 202 or say 204 plz?

    This is a POST request....should you definitely get a response payload? Synchronous POSTs requests dont always have payloads.

    Can you please provide the RAW details of your response please? So all headers and whatever you got for the response (even if its a blank array)?

    What is the authorisation scheme youre using for your request?

    Is this REST or SOAP?

    Can you attach the soapui log, http log and error log please?

    Also could you please attach a screenshot of your HTTP settings in your preferences.