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15 years ago

[RESOLVED]Correlating messages (request/response) using JMS support


I am very happy with JMS support (icw HermesJMS) in Soapui. I am using it with WebSphere MQ (6 and 7) and it works wel (in some cases).

My question is how can I configure correlation of request and response messages?
I am using Soapui as mq web service client. Soapui puts a request message in request queue and listens for response message o reply queue. But it those not correlate messages, it reads first message from de reply queue as response. So when I have more threads in test case there is no guaranty on which thread gets which response. In other JMS clients (also not JMS clients) we use correlatinid when consuming response (like explained in ).

This means that we must be able to specify message selector in soapui in such a way that jmscorrelationid = requestmessage.messageid.

Any idea how to solve this without changing Java Source of soapui.

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