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5 years ago



I have a wcf service that i can browser (image svcService).

When I try to add WSDL with soapUI version 

SoapUI 5.5.0

I always receive the error: Error loading []: org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: Malformed UTF-8 character: 0xe9 0x65 0x2

I already select the option Adds authentication information to outgoing request

and I already add the line -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 in the file SoapUI-5.5.0.vmoptions


Can somebody help me???

What can i do?





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    Hey DiegoPal,

    The error response appears to indicate your .wsdl includes a character not recognised by UTF-8.

    Does your .wsdl include non english chars at all (cyrillic? Scandinavian?)

    If you launch the .wsdl in something with a parser (like a browser or notepad++ with xml plugin or xmlspy) this will indicate if the problem is enough to cause the xml to be malformed.

    Something like xmlspy actually indicates what the error character is and exactly where it is in your .wsdl, so this is always my first choice when attempting to fix a problematic .wsdl that doesnt load in readyapi!/soapui.

    The character might be so malformed that it actually gets replaced by a substitution character. If thats the case, the .wsdl might not launch in xmlspy/browser at all. If this is the case what i've done is open the .wsdl in notepad++ with xmlplugin. If you open it in notepad++ with xmlplugin it wilp highlight the substitution character enabling you to replace the character with a valid UTF-8 which will fix your issue.