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4 years ago

Problem with the send email test step (Soap UI aka Functional testing)



I have problem with the send email test step where I get fail as output and it says that my login or password is wrong were it is actually right. Log in with the same credentials in outlook without a problem.


Why do I get this message?

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    Hey PtheG,

    Youre actually running ReadyAPI! Not SoapUI (email test step is only available in the licensed pro version of SoapUI called ReadyAPI!), so you should raise any tickets in the ReadyAPI! forum.

    Anyway. Ive never used the send email test step, but i remember reading that the send email test step only works if the email servers security sendings are not cranked up (something like only works with TLS, not SSL or something like that)

    Are you trying to hit on on prem ezchange server or are you hitting cloud/web based email? I think if its gmail or office365 youll need to lower the security settings for the mailbox youre attempting to hit.

    Can you post a screenshot of your step config please?