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7 years ago

Open the last used workspace



I used to work quite frequently with SOAPUI some time ago. I believe I was using SOAPUI 4.??? at the time as that was the version that was certified at work. Now I haven't used SOAPUI much for some time but just started using it again and we now have 5.4 certified. 

When I last used SOAP it would open the workspace I had open when I closed SOAPUI. This is what I would like to happen but it always opens the default workspace which is useless for me since I log in from my laptop or a remote desktop depending on where I am, so I always have to switch workspace the first thing I do since I can't keep it on C:. And that's really annoying. I'm also unable to affect where SOAPUI is installed, it's always on C:. Isn't there a way to save what workspace was open when I last closed SOAPUI so that it opens when I start SOAPUI again?




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