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8 years ago

OAuth 2 flow: Automatically get access token


Hi guys! 


I use flow 'Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant' and I didn`t find in your documentation information about getting access token without pressing button 'Get Access Token'.

If I am not mistaken 'Automation' button I can use only for creation script for login form (looks like in examples in documentation), but it doesn`t work with my Flow.

Do you have workaround for that ?

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    Any answer on the above question?

    I am also facing similar issues when trying to run the tests and the token obtained manually from profile configuration has been expired. I looked into the Auth2 profile configuration (advanced setting) and I checked the "Automatic Refresh Access token" but the accessToken seems to not be refreshed automatically once it has expired at the moment the test is executed. 


    Thanks in advance!