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4 years ago

Not able to open SOAP rest api projects which is saved


How to recover the open source rest api projects which is saved and when i am import it showing cross(X) symbol and not able to open the files how to recover those files 

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    Hey chandra1710,

    There could be a couple of reasons for the problem.

    If project .xml files have been moved since the last time the projects were opened in the soapui workspace, then this is how the projects would appear in the UI (cos soapui cant find the files).

    If the project files are malformed .xml then they could appear in the UI with the X symbols.

    Do you know where the project files are saved?

    If i were you, id right click to remove the project from the workspace, then try and add the removed project back into the workspace. When the project .xml file gets added to the workspace, the files are read in by an xml parser. If the files are malformed .xml (so have become corrupted) the files wont be able to be loaded in.
    Best option to check if files are malformed is to try and open the .xml files in an application that has an xml parser....opening the file in a browser (browsers include xml parsers), notepad++ (with the xmlplugin) or something like XmlSpy. XmlSpy indicates which line in the .xml contains the malformation and a possible fix to enable the user to fix the corruption making the .xml wellformed again. Once the .xml is wellformed, the project files will be launched in soapui successfully.

    Oh. One other option. ive seen this behaviour years ago when the project files were old and then opened in a new version of soapui.

    How old are the project files?
    When was the last time the project files were loaded successfully in soapui?