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7 years ago

Need help moving SoapUI to another Windows PC. Now it will not even start.

Had SoapUI on my W7 workstation for a while (5.4.0).

I am in the process of moving to a W10 workstation and wanted to install SoapUI and copy the projects.


I installed it and tried to copy the xml files from W7 to W10 in my home folder but that didn't work.


I even tried using a different workspace folder (mySoapUI) inside on my home folder.


SoapUI does not even start now.


I have uninstalled and re-installed. Removed the xml files from the home folder.


Nothing seems to work.


How can I get SoapUI to start with the projects from my W7 machine?


I really think that SoapUI should have it own folder in the home folder so it could just be copied.


Please help.





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    Just to be clear...


    Is the current problem that SoapUI won't load at all after you reinstalled it? (Can you give details about any error messages, or what is happening when you try to start it, or take a look in your soapui.log or soapui-errors.log...)


    Or is the current problem that after you reinstalled, it will load again, but it still won't load your projects?

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    No message.


    After playing it comes up now but none of the projects have anything in them. Not sure what I did.


    See attached.


    If I click on them it asks to reload but nothing happens.

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    OK, in that case it looks like normal behavior then - it just looks like some files aren't in the same place on your new machine.


    By default SoapUI uses an absolute path for everything - so, if your SoapUI workspace knows about a project file at C:\Users\QuickBooksDev\myproject.xml on one machine, then if you open the same workspace on another machine, it needs to be in the exact same place on that machine (which it might not be e.g. if you have a different username).


    You can change this behavior by opening the workspace on your source machine, and at the workspace level (at the top of the tree - yours is called "Projects"), change the Project Root property to ${workspaceDir} then save and exit. This will make paths to project files relative, so if the workspace and the project are in the same folder on the source machine, or if the projects are in subfolders from where the workspace is, then you should be able to copy that folder to another machine and open it in tact.


    The same applies at the project level, when projects save paths to their related files (such as WSDLs, keystores etc). So, you can make the same change on all of your projects using ${projectDir}. Alternatively, you can just go ahead and import the projects as they are, and SoapUI will show a dialog box that lets you browse to find the new location of the files.