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7 years ago

Multiply insetning at one request

Dear team, 

I am a new at SoaPUI tool, but have one task. 

The task is to upload new clients with a help of simple request and I have to do it one by one, it is ok, for 1-10 clients but not for 20+ up to 230. So how can I do multiply uploading or running current script putting clients list at once? 


So in bold at the first part I have to put one by one client numbers, and it is ok for couple, but not for many.


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" *******************************">



here is in bold I get a system respond equally to customer number I've put it before at the request. 


<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
<ns0:ServiceStatus xmlns:ns0="http://***************************">
<StatusMessageDescription>Oracle Account Number:***** with Party ID:************** has been created successfully.</StatusMessageDescription>




How can I improve this request for customer list? 

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    Add your request to a TestCase. Right-click and Disable the TestRequest, since we'll run it by script instead it running as part of the test case. In the request body, replace the client number with a property expansion, as in:



    Add a new Groovy Script TestStep, and enter:



    [1,2,3].each {
        context["clientNumber"] = it
        testRunner.testCase.getTestStepByName("Request 1").run(testRunner,context)


    Replace 1,2,3 with all your real client numbers, and replace "Request 1" with the name of the SOAP Request TestStep you created.


    Then run the TestCase.