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4 years ago

Multiple Parameters Oracle Fusion OTBI WebService not Filtering the data




Could any one advise how to pass parameters for filtering the data through the OTBI Report webService using the SOAPUI.


Though passing the Parameter values for filtering the data, it is gives me all the data without applying the filtering.





<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:v6="urn://">
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<v6:name>Person Gender</v6:name>
<!--Zero or more repetitions:-->
<v6:name>Person Number</v6:name>
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    Hey Praku,

    Im responding to this cos no one else has yet, so i'll try and help, but im a bit confused.
    You state youre passing filter parameters, but its not filtering and youve included some sort of screenshot including some sort of dropdown "filter number" and "filter gender", but i dont know where this filter functionality is. Im using ReadyAPI, not SoapUI so there are obviously gonna be some differences but i dont understand.
    Are you saying theres these dropdowns are in SoapUI that enable you to filter the content once the response has been received or do you mean something else?

    I can see you have number amd gender tag values but other than that, im not understanding.

    Can you clarif what you mean and then perhaps then we can try and sort you out?


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      Hi Rich,


      Thanks for your response.

      Apologize for confusion.


      To make it simpler the requirement is to automate to run the report using the webservice using the filter parameters.


      The same OTBI report works fine when it runs from application (UI) and it filters the data based on the parameters.


      I have two parameters "Person Number" and "Person Gender" for filtering the data.


      Hope I made it clear this time.



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        Hi Praku 


        ah - ok - now I think understand what you mean.  It all depends on what your endpoint supports and how/if you can alter the parameters.


        This is not REST - this is SOAP - and SOAP doesnt include parameters to filter/tailor your request's response.


        Obviously I dont know your endpoint and what is supported and what isnt - but considering what I know about SOAP and my previous experience with SOAP projects - the only way I can see you filtering the content is by altering the payload of your request (within the SOAP envelope) to retrieve the specific data you need on your SOAP POST.


        This isnt really a SoapUI question.  What your endpoint supports and if/how you can filter the data on the response would be defined in the requirements that describe the functionality of your SOAP endpoint.


        this might not be available via your SOAP - filtering of your data could be performed by whatever Reporting functionality youre using.


        Essentially you need to check your requirements and this will tell you what you need to know.


        Sorry i cant help any more