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2 years ago

MD5 hash missmatch

Hi, was working on an "ancient" plugin that uses SOAP UI -

The version in question is 5.3.1-RC:

The issue is that it looks like the MD5 (and probably the SHA1) hash has a mismatch in the JAR and the checksum file.


The soapui-5.3.1-RC.jar.md5 file contains hash: 2929992ebd4fbffb3c9d4ef91754a19c

While the JAR file soapui-5.3.1-RC.jar has a hash: a766193a98dda4d87b94635218f7cf5e


This is a little suspect, to say the least... Another interesting thing is that the MD5 and JAR files have different upload dates.


I hope that someone can clear that up!





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  • My project build failed because of this and I came to the same conclusion.

    After checking cached and fresh jar they really had different/altered content.