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7 years ago

Loop on Test Suite instead of Test cases.

Hi, I need little help.. My apology if I am thinking wrong but I want to know is there a way to repeat a Test Suite multiple times instead of any test case inside it. This would help me in repeating my all services more easily then looping test cases.

For example  I have a test suite "Pending document to sign" having multiple test cases (1 to 6) I want to execute Test Suite 10 times.

Attached is the image in which I have shown my Test Suite and cases in side it. Each case contains multiple test steps.

I simply want to execute my Test Suite 10 times repeatedly.



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    What is your use case?

    You can write a groovy script to achieve the same.
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      All test cases writing in my Test Suite are executed one by one. Once all test cases are executed, my use case is then completed.

      Let me elaborate, I have 10 Pending documents to sign, so I wrote these test cases in a test suite:

      1- First, I get authentication token

      2- Then I get pending document

      3- Then get document Id

      4- At this case I get field name, which is to be electronically sign

      5- I Sign the field

      6- I finish my workflow..

      When I run my test case it is executed once in SoapUI or even in Pro.. that's ok. but now I want to repeat this Test Suite execution 9 more time. Currently I have to do it manually by clicking the Run button, but I want to do it via loop.

      I have searched but couldn't fine how to loop a test suite, I mean I can't get how to loop on test suite...

      this is what I am looking for.. a clue or tip in groovy script..

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        For me, the sequence of steps seem to be just one test case. If so, then put them in test case, and add a load test step by right click on the test case. Load test allows different strategies, choose n number of runs.