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6 years ago

Log failed test request and response to log file or a report.


This is my test case which get data from a data source and do some validations.

In my case as on the image some of the requests are PASS and 2 steps are FAILD.

In order to see the exact request i need to click on the hightlited area and navigate to request tab.

(lets say there are 100 steps are failing so i have to go thru all the 100 and ...get the request.)


Is there any easy way to log failed test request and the reponce to a file?


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  • Hi chathurad,


    In ReadyAPI, there is a tab called "Transaction Log:, but i am not sure that this tab is available in SoapUI as it is the Open Source Version.


    But you can execute this via "Launch TestRunner" by right clicking on your TestCase and store your results at a desired location by doing some modification in "Reports" Tab under "Launch TestRunner"


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    Thanks and Regards,

    Himanshu Tayal