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7 years ago

License Recovery

Our organisation have Pro Version of Ready API and have Fixed License. 


Due to some reason, machine Hard Disk gets corrupted. To recover that, we format our machine.


But now, problem is that, every thing get lost. Now, pls suggest that, how do we recover or find our old license of ReadyAPI. 

Expiry time of License is in June 2019.


Please suggest me some way.


Thanks in advance for help!

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    In that case, you go through this link - And provide below information:-


    What is the type of request? - License Inquiry

    What are you struggling with? - I need to reuse the license on a new PC

    Can you deactivate the license from the old PC? - No, My old PC crashed or as re-imaged

    Are you a registered SmartBear customer? - No, I am not a registered customer.


    Enter your organization email and the full name and finally enter short description of the issue,


    This will for sure, resolve your issue.