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8 years ago

Is there a way to suppress file creation at quit time?

When i run SoapUI on the mac, and i quit the application, it creates two files in the top-level of my home directory:


Is there some way to turn this off, or at least have the files created in some more hidden subdirectory?


Thanks in advance for any clues.




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    Those are required files where each file holds important information thatis specific to the os user preferences and the projects that he own respectively. Hence, they are stored in that location.
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      Thanks Rao.


      Thank you for the information about the motivation for storing these files in the home directory, that they are put in the home directory because they are unique to a user.


      My concern is not that they be stored in the home directory.


      My concern is rather that they are stored at the very top level in the home directory.


      Most applications for the mac, for example, store per-user data deep inside the home directory (HOME/Library/Application Support/Application_name/ ).


      And non-mac programs also typically keep their data bundled together away from view.


      For example, the gimp creates a subfolder .gimp, and within .gimp is the per-user data.


      The advantage to this is it avoids a huge flat directory structure in favor of a more organized, hierarchical structure.


      Nevertheless, i can appreciate the fact that the developers' resources are limited, but would appreciate it if, at some later rev, they either stored the per-user data at a more standardized location on the mac (e.g. HOME/Library/Application Support/SoapUI/...) or at least in a hierarchical way (e.g., like the gimp does, in HOME/.gimp/...., say HOME/.soapui/...).


      Thanks again for your response!