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17 years ago

Importing SoapUI project into eclipse maven project

I have a SoapUI project that I would like to import into my Eclipse Maven project. 

I can import this SoapUI project when I go to the soapUI Perspective view and do a 'Import Project.'  This works great.  My question is, how then do I take this imported SoapUI project and tie it to my current Maven Eclipse project and be able to see this SoapUI project when I am in the Java Perspective view?

I want to have my Maven project's pom file use the soapUI plugin to execute the testCase/testSuites in my current soapUI project file.

It is probably simple, I am just not seeing how to make this final connection between the soapUI and eclipse projects.

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    I setup an example project for some colleagues I'm assisting with soapui regression tests. There i include the plugin in a simple maven project and inject soapui properties and point out the project to run during the test phase.


    Feel free to fork it and use as a starting point,