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8 years ago

Importing a test suite into another project in soapUI

I am working on a evaluation automation scenario in which i will create a test suite on one project-1 in soapUI and import into other projects(project2,project3) where the same test cases are applicable.I exported the test suite and imported it in new project.But problem is,after importing into project2 and updating the test suite with new request, still the process request in the test case of test suite is having the end point URL of the project-1.How can this be rectified and also please point me source or documentation of how to import and export testsuites.
Exporting testsuite contains:

1.TestCase under which are:

1.Property File
2.Property Transfer
3.Process(of project-1)

SoapUI version-5.2.1

Thanks in Advance.

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