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7 years ago

How to run test steps parallely

I want to run my REST API test step should get updated based on below flow.

Step2 will be submitted and Sleep some 60 secs then parallely step 2a and Step2b should be updated , finally step2 will get success response.


Step 1: PATCH /v1.0/Ticket

Step2: PATCH /v1.0/Ticket/{ticketId}

 Step2a: GET /v1.0/Ticket/{ticketId} 

 Step2b: POST /v1.0/Ticket/{ticketId}/tenderauth 

Step3: PATCH /v1.0/Ticket/{ticketId}


Can someone help to how to use groovy scripts for above flow to run in Soap 5.3 version ?


Let me know if you have comments. Thanks in Advance

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