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5 years ago

How to mark test case as skipped in JUnit report



Due to dependencies between tests, some of my tests need to be skipped.


Today I have setup scripts at test case level using command: testRunner.cancel( "Failure detected" )

It works as expected but into JUnit Report, cancelled tests are displayed as passed because there is no error/failure:


For example here my "TestCase 22":


<testsuite name="TestSuite 3" tests="22" failures="1" errors="0" time="36.036">
	<testcase name="TestCase 1" time="0.286"/>
	<testcase name="TestCase 20" time="0.192"/>
	<testcase name="TestCase 21" time="0.226">
		<failure type="Cancelling due to failed test step" message="Cancelling due to failed test step">
			<h3><b>Delete Failed</b></h3><pre>.... <hr/>
	<testcase name="TestCase 22" time="0.0"/>


What I would like, is to have test skipped:

<testsuite name="TestSuite 3" tests="22" failures="1" errors="0" skipped="1" time="36.036">
	<testcase name="TestCase 22" time="0.0">
<skipped message="Test marked as skipped due to ..."/>
</testcase> </testsuite>


so is there a way to do this? ideally a new method: testRunner.skip( "Test marked as skipped due to ..." )



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