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5 years ago

How to Learn Proper SoapUI Coding

I'm using 5.4.0 Open Source and I think one of the problems learning SoapUI is it is too flexible.  There are many ways to do the same thing.  So I'm wondering if there are any books, tutorials, videos out there that might say things like "Use the Setup Script for this and the teardown script for that, when to use properties vs variables (they seem the same to me).  I'd also like to learn how multiple assertions work - I've heard that if one fails, it skips the other assertions. 


I've read and watched a ton of 'tutorials' but none of them cover what I'm looking for.


How would the creators of SoapUI write their code.  It looks like they are trying to enforce things like encapsulation with their scoped variable and code separation with the setup and teardown script sections.


Thanks in advance.

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