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6 years ago

How to get the authentication token

This is the login screen where it generate the authentication token.

I need that token id to continue my API testing with soap UI.

When I enter user name and password, i can see the token it at the browser header.

Is there any way to get that token it in to my soap UI project suite? 



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  • After input log in details, on click in submit button

    You will get some resonse from server end. Please share the response details.

    I think you will get access token from response.

    Please share request and response details of this POST request. It will be helpful to solve this question.

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      That was my issue, How am i going to input  log in details, on click in submit button thru the sopUI.

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        If  you comfortable to share URL web address, and Log in Details, It will be helpful to solve.