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8 years ago

How to find the elements in request xml and assigning the values to them. Not able to do it.



I am using free version of SOAPUI, and trying to read the data from excel sheet. Here is format of excel sheet:


A        B         C

Data3 Data4, Data5
Id,1234 timestamp,2016-11-21T20:29:12.664Z sourceId,DEV
Id,1234 timestamp,2016-11-21T20:29:12.664Z sourceId,TES


Where id, timestamp and sourceId are nodes in soap request, and followed by values separated by comma. Sothat I do not need to change the structure of request xml, if I don’t want to provide one of the element in the request. I am able to fetch the data from the excel sheet and assigning them to two variables named reqTagName(id,timestamp, sourceid) and reqTagValue(123, 2016-11-21T20:29:12.664Z ,DEV).


Problem: I am not able to find the fetched nodes in sample request(which is my next test step) and assigning the respective fetched values (replacing the ? from the value).


I want to assign the fetched values in fetched nodes in the next step, which is my sample soap request.


Sample of req xml nodes:



< timestamp >?</ timestamp >

< sourceId >?</ sourceId >


Next part I am able to do which is removing the elements where there is no value.

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