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2 years ago

How to disable certificate validation or allow a Empty issuer DN Self-signed cert in SoapUI 5.8.0?


I encountered an error from SoapUI to send a POST/GET request to our dev server service api via https like this


This is because the server side has a Empty issuer DN Self-signed cert installed on its HTTPS.


Here are the errors SoapUI returned.

INFO:Error getting response for [ 1]; Failed to parse server certificates Empty issuer DN not allowed in X509Certificates


I changed to use another tool called Postman to call above same api, because Postman has a option 'Request : disable SSL certificate validation' in its setting, I was able to send the request and get the service response once I disabled the SSL certificate validation.


My question is -

1. Does SoapUI have the similar  'disable SSL certificate validation'  option or not like in PostMan?
2. How can I use SoapUI to send a request to a https api service and get its response successfully which has an Empty issuer DN Self-signed certificate installed?


Thank you!


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