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15 years ago

How to convert XML file to WSDL file?


How to convert the XML file to WSDL ile to import in SOAP UI?

Please suggest if there are any alternatives?


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    Hi kishan,

    I'm not sure what exactly you need. WSDL files are also XML files, but the opposite does not apply.
    Therefore, what you're asking does not make sense in the context of soapUI or any other tool or parallel universe.

    What exactly is the problem you're trying to solve?

    /Nenad Nikolic a.k.a. Shonzilla
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      Hi I am now facing a similar issue.


      Am looking forward to automating the testing of a web service.(I am currently on the initial stages of the project)


      But as of now all I have is an xml file. Am expecting to have similar xml files throughout the project.

      But when I try to create a project with this xml file, SoapUI NG is not allowing it, It asks for a WSDL file of an WADL. which I do not have (as of now).


      So what am I supposed to do now ?
      Is it possible to derive at a WSDL from this XML file ?
      Or all my understanding in this is wrong ?


      Am puzzled !


      Isnt WSDL and XML are same ?

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        XML is a generic data format, which can contain any kind of information.

        WSDL is a specific XML used for describing web services.


        Please check wiki for further clarification.


        Not sure what kind of XML you have. It may be test data, or WSDLs with incorrect file suffix. You need to check the content of the files.