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8 years ago

How to connect Phoenix DB with SOAP UI tool


We have a requirement to connect Phoenix DB with SOAP UI to validate the actual result. But not able to find any Jar or Driver for connection.

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    Hi, try adding one via File > Preferences > JDBC Driver > +

     You will be asked to provide a name for it, then add the connection string (username, pasword, hostname, port, sid, etc)  which should be available here. It seems that the jar should be "packaged" along with the installer. They have a repo but I can't confirm at the moment because that's 266 MB for the bin folder alone. Maybe other guys who have worked with Phoenix can share a direct download for the version you need.




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      Debz, since this is open source forum, assuming that the author is using Open Source editon, not ReadyAPI.
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        nmrao, apologies. I overlooked that part. Thanks for the heads up. Yeah, JDBC is not directly available on SoapUI Open Source, only on Ready!API. I can't delete my previous post though. There seems to be no option on the top-right side of the post?