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3 years ago

How to automate running a request in SOAPUI ? and supply arguments for the url parameter in the xml?

I have a soap request I want to run daily at a particular time. I also would like to pass file-names to the tag <bdems:url> as parameters that have daily incrementals information. I am new to SOAPUI.  Any help is greatly appreciated. Colleague is having to wake up at 5 in the morning to run the incremental files. We are looking for a better way to do this. 


Thank you in Advance!

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    What tools/processes do you use for API/web services automation, and how do you handle data creation/deletion for the scripts automated.



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    SoapUI is an API test tool for testing that APIs work as expected.  It really isn't designed as an API scheduled runner.


    Similar questions have been asked in the past.  One suggested solution was to create batch file that contains the SoapUI command line command to run some test suite.  This batch file could be added to a schedule timer.


    My opinion, use SoapUI to work out the request and then use something like Python, Java to actually call the service at whatever time is required.

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      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We use SoapUI to send XML messages to our vendor when we have to process data in bulk using files. It would be great if  I can run it at a off-peak time like 5 am every day and on top be able to send in file names as input to the 'request' in Soap-UI. I am looking into task scheduler on Windows.