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8 years ago

How to analyze LoadTests results in TeamCity?

Hello, Community.


I have created a bunch of LoadTest for system that I'm testing.

I want to add them to the CI (TeamCity), but I don't know how to analize results.

I'm using free version, and now I have just a number of .txt files.


I couldn't find any information how to make my results more structured.

Maybe there is some plugin for TeamCity which can parse these .txt?

Or maybe it's the best practice to insert statistics after each start to the my custom DB by some teardown script?

Or maybe there is an external utility to parse my statistic?


Thank you in advance!

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    Come on, community!


    How you analyze your LoadTest data? Do you build graphs? How you integrate it with your Continuous Integration system?
    If this question has been asked before(but I could not find anything useful about this topic), please, post a link.