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6 years ago

How to add or set query params in rest test step using groovy script



I am trying to create a template test step to run different Rest requests by updating path, endpoint, resource, headers and query params using the Groovy script. I am able to set all required fields except query params. Can someone please help me how to set/add query params to Rest Test Step using groovy?

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    Answering my own question.


    I have used below code to set query params to REST request.


    String targetQueryString = "";
    if (mockRequest.getHttpRequest().getQueryString() != null) {
    targetQueryString = mockRequest.getHttpRequest().getQueryString();
    Project project = new WsdlProject();
    RestServiceConfig serviceConfig = RestServiceConfig.Factory.newInstance();
    RestService service = new RestService((WsdlProject) project, serviceConfig);
    RestResourceConfig resourceConfig = RestResourceConfig.Factory.newInstance();
    RestResource resource = new RestResource(service, resourceConfig);
    RestMethodConfig methodConfig = RestMethodConfig.Factory.newInstance();
    RestMethod restMethod = new RestMethod(resource, methodConfig);
    RestRequestConfig requestConfig = RestRequestConfig.Factory.newInstance();
    RestRequest restRequest = new RestRequest(restMethod, requestConfig, false);
    if (targetQueryString.length() > 0) {
    for (String param : targetQueryString.split("&")) {
    restMethod.setPropertyValue(param.split("=")[0], param.split("=")[1]);