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4 years ago

How can I update my original WSDL?

I generated a WSDL from a web app when WS-Security was not enabled. It won't generate WSDLs once it is enabled. I pulled it into SoapUI and updated the endpoint after enabling SSL and WS-security on the host system. 


How can I go about updating the WSDL to reflect the WS-Security updates? I tried exporting WSDL and was the original without the headers and updated endpoint.

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    To open a WSDL file in the WSDL editor, double-click it in the Navigator view or right-click it and click Open With > WSDL Editor.

    To edit a WSDL file in the Source view, complete the following steps:
    1. Open your WSDL file in the WSDL editor.
    2. Click the Source tab.
    3. Select the source code you want to edit.
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      I right clicked on the project in the Navigator Pane and selected "Show project view" to see the link to the WSDL, but right-click did nothing and attempted to open with Notepad. I'm using SoapUI 5.6.


      The WSDL used to create the project doesn't show in the Navigator pane and the one linked in the project view is the original, before changing the endpoint and XML in the project window area.


      Is it possible there is no WSDL editor in this version?