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8 years ago

How can I share resources between projects?

Is there a way to share resources between projects? We're currently working on a single project (XML file) at the moment and each push and pull generates a merge conflict, even if one person is working on a Resource part and another works on the Test Case part. We have to resort to checking the XML line by line and choosing which line to implement every time. I am thinking of having different projects for each sub-app and have the resources placed in a common folder. This way, they can be shared between each sub app and 2 persons can work on the same time without having any merge conflicts. I've seen a Resource directory but it seems that this is only for Data Sources.


By the way, for the product we are using, I'm dealing with a client using Ready!API and SoapUI on our end so answers for both would be highly appreaciated.


update 3/20/2017 7:24PM (UTC+8) I was able to export the .wadl file from another project folder but if I update the resources from the project where the .wadl came from, the resources on the 2nd project are not updated. Is there a way to have both project's resources updated every time the original project's resources are updated and saved?

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