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4 years ago

How can generate customer execution report in SOAP UI Open Source?

Hi All,


I am using SOAP UI Open Source and trying to generate some custom report for different test suites having multiple test cases. Currently I am using groovy script which creates default CSV Reports, but it generates another report when time gets changed between execution as I am appending time of execution in report.


This script is being called in tear down of every test case.


Can someone help or have better approach of creating custom reports?


Thanks in advance.


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    Couple of things:
    1. Please be specific what is the custom reports you are referring to?
    2. Please provide the script that is in use.
    3. Please provide how sample of report.
    4. More details on, "it generates another report"
    5. How do you manually merge two reports with samples?
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      Never mind.


      My problem is resolved. I am now renaming my reports file in tear down script at Test Suite level once all my test cases are executed.