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6 years ago

Groovy new File size start from 2GB

Hello guys.

I use groovy to write scripts for automatic tests.

Strange thing is, when I create a file to write on my results on my PC with windows 10 everything is fine.

I gave it to my collegue with windows 7 pc and when the script create the file it starts from 2GB dimension and it increment correctly everytime something is written on.

The file is not really 2 GB because groovy create it in about 1 sec.

I think that the problem is with the JVM config or compatibility on windows 7 but I could find anything about it.

this is the portion of the code



File responseFile = new File(responseFilePath,"method_fast_testnum_$testN hh$currentHH m$currentMM _.xml")


The SoapUI version is the Open Source one 5.4.0


Thanks everyone

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