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8 years ago

Glaring hole in SoapUI API

I appreciate the SoapUI application, it has lots of wonderful features and ways to do things in Groovy, but...

Why does the RestMockService object have a start() method and no stop() method? This seems silly to me. 

The RestMockRunner has a stop method, and I use it, but it does not shutdown my rest mock service.

I also tried the stopAll method from the SoapUIMockServiceRunner object, which also did not work

 And I have perused the web trying to find some sort of workaround, to no avail.

I found a couple of questions asking about this issue on your support site, but there was no answer given.

One such question mentioned how a thread from jetty may be hanging and causing the mock service to not stop,

and recommended adjusting the settings in soapui-settings.xml file.  I did this as well, and the result was the same.

Is there someone on your team that can at least explain why the RestMockService was given two different start methods

(with and without context as a parameter) and why the stop method was not included.  I would at least like to know if there is no solution to stopping via Groovy.  That way I can move on to a different solution.

By the way, when I start my rest mock service in my groovy script, and execute the stop method using RestMockRunner object, and then press on the green triangle in the UI for the Rest Mock Service, I get an error pop-up window with the

messsage "MockService is already running"

This is how I know the stop method is not working.

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