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15 years ago

Getting Started

I'm trying to follow the tutorial found on and am having a bit of trouble. First of all the suggested service ( doesn't seem to exist anymore so I tried using ... .asmx?wsdl instead. Everything goes find until SoapUI tried to load the WSDL and then it hangs forever. Any suggestions on how I can find out what's happening? I tried to launch the TcpMon tool but ran into problems with that but I'll leave that for another time.


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    Hi Braun,
                       The WSDL links which you have mention is working perfectly , check whether are you are able to view the WSDL in IE . If you are able to view the WSDL content using IE then SOAP UI will definitely upload the file .

    I think you need to specify some details in the Proxy settings under PREFERENCES . .

    I.e Go to File ->Preferences -> Proxy settings

    Under that mention the HOST name and Port details

    Kindly let me know whether my solution solves your issue or not

    With Regards
    Anand Kiran
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    Hi Braun,

    To me it seems that WebServiceX.NET is either not working or is working intermittently.

    My recommendation: be persistent. 
    In other words, retry loading of WSDL from your favorite browser until it responds and then "Add WSDL" from soapUI. :-)

    /Nenad Nikolic a.k.a. Shonzilla