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5 years ago

execute soapui project from bitBucket in Jenkins

I have to execute my soapUI (free version) project present in bitBucket through Jenkins.

My bit bucket repository location --


  1. Presently there are three branches in this repository –
  2.    origin/feature/CA-351-testing---test-the-api
  3.    origin/feature/CA-353-testing---test-the-api-for-concur
  4.    origin/master

there are two folders – doc and src

there is a SoapUI project file in “src” folder, under branch  “feature/CA-351-testing---test-the-api”

            – a) UseJenkins-soapui-project.xml


to execute a project from local disk D drive, we use command statement as below --

testrunner.bat -s"TestSuite 1" -r -a -j -fD:\SOAPUIProject\reports D:\SOAPUIProject\UseJenkins-soapui-project.xml 


what will be the command statement to execute the project from the git path ?

git configuration shared in screenshot

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