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6 years ago

Exclude/disable test suites from maven


I am running groovy script in soapui. so the script will run all the test suite and generate HTML report..


i am integrating soapui project with maven.In maven i am not running all test suites, just i have mentioned the script test suite so that it will automatically run all test suite from the script.


Now i want to disable any particular test suite from maven since i am running script test suite alone. i tried below maven configuration but it is not working (i.e) Its not disabling particular test suite. Please help me to resolve this issues ASAP.


<!-- <value>endpoint_datagateway_services="http://localhost:8080"</value> -->



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    Can anyone please help me on this.. still i am searching for the result..

    i am trying different approach here.

    i can disable the test suite from groovy script like below..

    def suiteName = project.getTestSuiteByName("Suite1").setDisabled(true)

    testRunner.testCase.testSuite.project.setPropertyValue("suiteDisable", suiteName)


    Please tell me how can i call this property from pom.xml?

    in pom.xml i called the property but it is not working. Please  tell your suggestions ASAP.

    (ie) <projectProperties>
    <projectProperty>suiteDisable= true</projectProperty>